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Outdoor sports in Czech - Saxon Switzerland.

pragliding Ústí nad Labem

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Our offer:

  • Rock and artificial wall climbing and abseiling
  • Climbing and training with junior master of Czech Republic - Edita Vopatová
  • Cave explorations
  • Adrenalin and survival games
  • Winter and summer camping
  • Guided biking and hiking tours
  • Climbing and other outdoor pursuits abroad ( Europe )

We supply experienced guides and all the necessary equipments ( harness, helmets, snaphooks, headlamps, ropes etc. ). Safety of our clients during all kinds of activities is our priority. Programs can be adjusted to families with children or for seniors. Here is preview of our courses.

What we can fix for you:

  • Horse riding and agrotourism
  • Sightseeing and excursions
  • Paintball and sport shooting
  • Golf, Tennis, Squash, Bowling….
  • Scenic flights

We will fix a date with you and provide a guide who will take you to the destinanation and further instruct you. He will accompany you back afterwards. You can also use your own means of transport.

Teambuilding, diagnostic, motivational, survival and other courses…..

All our courses and programs can be adjusted to your specific needs. The program planning is supervised by an experienced psychologist who furthermore participates at the final feedback and evaluation. We help the participants to break the ice, find the team-builders, leaders or individualists among themselves. In short, we help a group to become a good team. You will be able to find out how well you handle stress by overcoming problem tasks and how clear your thinking becomes, when you find yourself in an extremely hard situation while having only extremely little time for a decision making. The programs could be also held in a purely enjoyable manner, leaving out the physical and intellectual challenges. All the programs can be enlarged by other offered activities such as piglet roasting, ecotourism, sauna, tennis, golf, shooting, horse riding, scenic flights etc. The final feedback as well as photographs or video recording will be provided. It is possible to hold some long-term courses such as survival yachting abroad.

Another possibilities for specialists :

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Picture gallery Outdoor sports in Czech - Saxon Switzerland and Ore Mountains.

Paragliding na Komáří vížce. Snowkiting Telnice. Přelanění věže Blíženci v Rájci. Slackline Tisá. Mushering na pláních Sněžníku. Sjezd na horských kolech - Komáří vížka.
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