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"Basteibrücke" bridge near Dresden


The Basteibrücke Bridge and viewing platforms offer the best views of the rocky sandstone peaks and the Elbe Valley in the Saxon Switzerland area near Dresden in Germany.

The Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland) region in the Elbe Valley to the southeast of Dresden in Germany is a forested landscape of interesting and even bizarre rock formations. The area is very popular with hikers and rock climbers but even the less active can enjoy some marvelous views from the Bastei.

  • The Bastei is by far the most popular part of Saxon Switzerland – on some summer days up to 50,000 people visit the bridge and viewing platforms.

The Basteibrücke Bridge and Viewing Platforms

The Saxon Switzerland area became a popular sightseeing destination during the nineteenth century. The Bastei area got a head start over other beautiful spots in the region when a wooden bridge was built in 1826 over a very narrow valley allowing for easy access to magnificent views of the sandstone rock formations as well as the Elbe River.

The present sandstone bridge dates largely from 1851 and blend in beautifully with the natural rocks. The Bastei Bridge is around 200 m (650 ft) above the valley floor. The Bastei Peak itself is even higher at 305 m (976 ft) with particularly fine views of the Elbe River. Many other nearby rocks and peaks can be accessed via stairways and bridges.

  • The bridges and viewing platforms are always open for free and many paths can be used even in deepest winter.

The Rathen Felsenbühne (Rock Theater)

As is common in Germany, even in an area of such outstanding natural beauty, culture need not take a back seat. The Rathen Felsenbühne (Rock Stage) is a natural theatre and considered one of the most beautiful of its kind.

During the day, the theater can be explored at will – some popular hiking trails go right over the stage. From May to September, a large number of events is scheduled ranging from drama to opera and popular musicals.

  • The modern Berghotel and Panorama Restaurant is in a large Communist-era building very close to the Basteibrücke. It is reasonably comfortable but apart from the spectacular views nothing out of the ordinary.

Getting to the Bastei Brücke (Bridge) and Viewing Point

Various options are available for getting to the Bastei:

  • The classic approach is to hike from Kurort Rathen. The S-Bahn train S1 from Dresden or Königstein stops on the left bank of the Elbe but a ferry is available to cross the river to the town and the Bastei area. The route from the village is well marked and the walk to the top takes around 40 minutes. The path gets very steep towards the top with numerous flights of stairs.
  • The easier alternative is to take the vintage-look Bastei-Kraxler bus from Marktplatz (Market Square) in Stadt Wehlen. (The train once again stops on the wrong side of the Elbe but a ferry is available to cross the river.) The drive up takes around 20 minutes with the bus stopping at the huge car park near the Bastei viewing point. From the stop, it is only a few minutes walk to the Bastei. The route is flat but there are a few stairs to get onto the Basteibrücke Bridge itself.
  • Up to four times per day, Bastei-Kraxler buses continue from the Bastei stop to Königstein via Hohnstein and Bad Schandau. The journey takes around an hour and goes through beautiful landscapes.

The Bastei area is a popular day-trip destination from Dresden and can very easily be reached from the Saxon capital on S-Bahn train S1 in just over half an hour. Steam paddleboats also ply the route at a more relaxed pace. The Saxon Switzerland area is a haven for outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, and of course rock climbing while Festung Königstein, the largest fortress in Germany, adds some historical and cultural interest.

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