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Sendstone walls Rosenthal-Bielatal.


Rosenthal-Bielatal is a municipality in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in Saxony, Germany.

Rock Climbing in Bielatal near Dresden, Germany

Rock climbing in Bielatal is like warping back in time and landing in the days when climbers climbed barefoot, wore Swami belts, and used slings for protecting routes - literally. The climbing in the Dresden, Germany area has not followed the flashy modern ways of most other climbing venues. No chalk, no bolts, no top-roping, no nuts, no cams. While modern climbing harnesses and shoes are now common sights in Bielatal, you might be chased out of the woods if you're seen using the aformentioned items. Part tradition and part protecting the soft sandstone, the modern metal climbing gear found hanging on people's harnesses in every crag in America is not allowed in Beilatal. Watching the locals climbing with just a rack of slings and biners is a humbling experience.

At the top, there is usually a single monster anchor to secure yourself into and to rappel from. Tradition calls for everyone to shake each others hands and say "Berg Heil!" (salute the mountain!).

Each tower has its own register book in specially created metal boxes on the top, which you must sign. It's very important to document who lead the route and who top-roped. And most importantly, use the supplied straight edge to draw a horizontal line under your party's entry.

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Make yourself happy and reserve the trip into the clouds

Sightseeing flights above Bohemian Switzerland. During the flight you will see the winding streams, you will fly very close to Pravčická gate, above the rock towns and many mesas. All the places you have already visited by walk, you will have the chance to see from on high. And not only that! The unique flight through the canyon of the Elbe river and subsequently above the labyrinth of the streets of Děčín is magnificent. Do not forget to take your camera! The pictures, you will make, will definitely become the most precious ones.

The flight´s routing can be planned according to your individual requests or you can choose some from the recommended lines mentioned below:

Sněžník - Ostrov - Bielatal - Königstein - Bastei

  • 30 minutes´ flight
  • for maximum of 3 persons in one flight
  • price for 1-3 persons 3.200,-czk


Sightseeing flight is for all the age groups. Recommended age of the visitors is min. 6 yrs.

Picture gallery of Rosenthal-Bieletal.

Skalní město Bilatal. Věže v Bilatalu - Rosenthalu. Zápis do vrcholové knížky.
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