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Rock towers - Rájecké stěny.

Rájecké stěny

Rajecké rocks are more contiguous massif consisting of hard sandstone with rock towers. The area is divided into two parts. Rajecké walls and walls Birds. The rock massif begins at the state borders of the CR and Germany, and extending to the southeast toward the village Tisa, where after about 1.5 km passes into the walls Tiske steny (input charged). Hard sandstone positively dissected, with good possibilities of protection is welcome to climbers. And the massive tower height does not exceed 30m. Yellow tourist trail can be accessed by about 1.5 km distant island village, where they begin Ostrovske rocks. The area is part of the walls Rájeckých PLA Elbe sandstone. Obey instructions visitor regulations. Rájec the catchment areas of the Mountain Rescue Service.

Another important information :

  • elevation above sea-level : 435 m.a.s.
  • GPS : Loc: 50°48'21.398"N, 14°1'1.065"E
  • Height of rock towers : 35m

Picture gallery of Rájec towers.

Rájec - Ptačí stěny. Skalní okna a průchody. Schovávačky pro děti v Rájeckých stěnách. Věže Blíženci - dominanta Rájce. Vrcholová knížka na věži Kyklop. Poklidná rájecká zákoutí.
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