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Trips around Tisá and Bohemian Switzerland.

výlety České Švýcarsko

10 the most interesting destinations around Tisá and Czech - Saxon Switzerland - choose in right menu "Trips"

Czech - Saxon Switzerland.

Why should I visit?
Resting near the German border just inside the Czech Republic is the Bohemian Switzerland Natural Park. Its unique beauty and unmatched land-scapes have inspired many great minds such as Kafka, Dvorak and Fridich, to name a few. Rock Towers rise from the Earth almost unnaturally, while gorges cut and slash their way through valleys leading to ancient castles and ruins. As one of the nominated sites for the "New 7 Wonders of Nature," the park truly is an experience one should take in while visiting Central Europe.

What can you do here?
With a multitude of great natural attractions, the hardest decision to make is which one to see first. A few that leap out immediately though are the Tiske Steny (rock towers and rock city), Edmundova Gorge and Pravcice Gate (largest stand stone rock gate in Europe). There's also the amazing Canyon Labe by Hrensko, which is the place with the lowest altitude in the Czech Republic. To get the absolute best elevated views in the area, look no further than the Decinsky Sneznik, which just so happens to be the oldest stone tower in the Czech Republic. And to stay on the path of history, the region boasts a great number of different castles and ancient ruins, such as Tolstejn, Saunstejn and Falkestejn. Other modern attractions include the Zoo Decin, Rumburk Museum and an underground air force factory from World War II. There's also a world-class golf course in Janov.

What makes Bohemian Switzerland special?
In the heart of the park, surrounded by everlasting natural beauty lies some of the oldest churches, chapels and relics in the Czech Republic. In an area called Ceske Kamenice are two that standout, the Church of St. James and the pilgrimage chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For those interested in Bohemian culture, there are a number of folkloric monuments, wind mills and historical villages. The House of Bohemian Switzerland, which is a visitor and educational center in Krasna Lipa, is a great source to learn about Bohemian crafts such as textiles and glassmaking.

Another trips and sports activities :

Ore Mountains

The forest-covered and mountainous holiday region of the Ore Mountains was named after the centuries-long silver ore mining tradition. The highest mountain in southern Saxony is Fichtelberg in the Mittelgebirge mountain range.

In the highest-altitude town in Germany, Oberwiesenthal, and the numerous mining towns such as Annaberg-Buchholz, Freiberg and Schneeberg the region`s former riches are evident. Magnificent marketplaces, high hall churches and beautiful patricians houses adorn many of the towns.

Yet visitors can also discover treasures of times past underground in the mines. Many mines and copper works are open to the public, and the museums and historical installations along the Silver Trail holiday route between Dresden and Zwickau are well worth a visit for people who want to experience history.

The Ore Mountains are also where the world-famous art of Ore Mountain woodcarving originated. For more than 300 years, traditional nutcrackers, incense burners in the shape of little men, flying buttresses and pyramids have been handcrafted here. Small and larger workshops invite visitors to help out with woodturning and cutting the hand-made products. Lace is also still made at many places in the Ore Mountains.

It is also worth sampling the culinary delights that are specific to the Ore Mountain region. Typical dishes are offered at the numerous "genuine Ore Mountain guest houses". And because a great many herbs grow in the region, a trip to the "Ore Mountain Herb Land" is also interesting.

Vyhlídková Brühlova terasa. Feska "Knížecí průvod". Kostel Hofkirche.

Sights in Dresden.

Welcome to Dresden. This beautiful city, situated on the River Elbe, is one of the cultural centres of Europe. Dresden is known to people throughout the whole world on account of its beautiful location, its great works of Baroque architecture and its unique art collections. Famous buildings like the Semper Opera House, Brühl Terrace, Albertinum, Procession of Princes, the Church of Our Lady and the Zwinger are impressive testaments to our history.


This fine Baroque building contains outstanding art collections.

Semperova opera (Semperoper)

Opera house with a long history – was rebuilt in the the eighties.

Church of Our Lady /Frauenkirche/

Destroyed in 1945 – reconstruction finished in 2005, the new old landmark of Dresden.

Bruhl terrace (Brühlsche Terasse)

View of the Old Town ensemble – also called the balcony of Europe.

The "Blue Wonder" Bridge

The most famous bridge and, in fact, one of the first metal bridges of this type and size.

Picture gallery - Sights in Dresden

Vyhlídková Brühlova terasa. Feska "Knížecí průvod". Kostel Hofkirche. Semperova operní scéna. Zwinger komlex muzeí a obrazáren.
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